”Defying labels, but demanding the attention of even the most casual listener”

Unshackle Me


New Live Album about to be Released


Unshackle Me is Key's latest release and, as it should be, is his best live album to date. It was recorded live out on the deck of the Mineshaft Tavern in Madrid, NM.


"I've seen a lot of players, but Key is the Real Thing." - Junior Wells.

Key opened for Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, after which

Junior and Key shared a bottle of gin. 


Madrid, New Mexico is located on the Turquoise Trail. As of the year 2000, it has a population of 149 people.

Thanks to all the fans here, there, and everywhere!

Key Frances Don't Fear The Fire

Recorded at the Mineshaft Tavern, Madrid, New Mexico

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Key Frances Live at The Mine Shaft 2018

 Key out on the deck at the Mineshaft Tavern,  Madrid, New Mexico

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Cover Photo for Unshackle Me album by Diego Rivera.
Other photographs by Elizabeth Pilar, Judy Steele, Reid and Keith Langerman.  

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Key Frances